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Power Distribution Division

Transformers & Package Substations



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Distribution transformers normally have ratings more than 200 kVA, though some national standards can allow for units up to 3000 kVA to be described as distribution transformers. Although there are many custom made Transformers for various voltage ranges. Our principal manufacture & supply a wide range of Transformers of Mineral oil type, Silicon liquid type & Cast resin – Dry type Transformers up to a voltage class of 33kV. While we cater orders exactly to our customer requirements, generally transformers produced fall within 2 categories. Ground mounted &; Pole mounted types. For every application, transformer may require different designs & various parameters and as a result, there is an assortment of configurations. Primarily in addition to the performance properties of the transformers i.e., voltage ratio, losses, impedance, temperature rise etc.


These types transformers are widely used in Distribution Transformers where the Fire rating is considerably high than Mineral Oil type transformers. Silicone Transformer Oil is an environmentally safe replacement for PCB containing askarels as the dielectric coolant for liquid-filled transformers. Its high thermal stability makes it a good choice for transformers that are located indoors or next to buildings where a thermally stable fluid is more critical.


Standard ratings are 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 630, 750, 1000, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3000kVA. Other ratings are also available upon request. The windings are made up of high grade electrolytic copper and are concentrically
positioned. Usually copper foil is used for the LV windings.

Insulating oil

The insulating oil generally complies with IEC60296 Class 1. Both inhibited &; uninhibited types can be offered if requested.


When researching the advantages of cast resin dry-type transformers, you may find the information available to be somewhat incomplete. More so, only a few of its favourable features are well known, with one of the most noteworthy being its minimal fire risk due to zero oil usage.

Self-extinguishing, low fire hazard:
The transformer insulation consists of an epoxy resin and quartz powder mixture (an Eco-friendly material). This allows the winding to be flame-retardant, self-extinguishing and almost maintenance free, eliminating the need for costly fire extinguishing equipment. It will also not produce toxic gases, not even under the effects of arcing.


Zero oil usage:
The cast resin transformer only needs air to cool. Therefore, it eliminates extra costs and labour for liquid-level checking, oil testing, oil recycling costs, and dielectric testing for moisture absorption. Being almost maintenance free, there are no more on-site oil leaks, which require gasket replacements.

Eco-friendly and safe:

Cast resin transformers pose ZERO risk for oil leaks and pollution of the environment. Transformer explosions during normal operation are highly unlikely due to the self-extinguishable non-toxic substances utilized, even during external fires. They are also suitable for heavy condensation and polluted environments. Cast resin transformers may also withstand abrupt environmental changes from -25ºC to +40ºC in a very short time.

TIP:Always try to ensure that your preferred manufacturer has passed/ obtained C2/E2/F1 tests
according to IEC 60076-11 and that it is approved, i.e. KEMA type tested.


Increasingly, utilities and companies are looking for simpler, more efficient and easy to install solutions. Package substations offer a fully-integrated, single source option which saves on time, cost and administration. Our package substations include a wide range of product options and transformers from a variety of manufacturers to cater for all utility and industrial sector specifications.




Dry-type transformers have traditionally offered certain fire-resistant, environmental, and application advantages for industrial and commercial situations.

In Cast Resin Transformers the magnetic circuit and windings are not immersed in an insulating liquid but are cast with an epoxy resin mixture. These special transformers are finding an ever-increasing scope of application for their high-service reliability. Cast resin transformers are a popular choice for use in commercial, industrial and residential sites. These transformers require practically no maintenance and have a much lower environmental impact than traditional oil-immersed transformers. Auto-extinguishing and other safety features make it the obvious choice for indoor applications and other areas with high fire risk.

Different types of Dry Type Transformers:


  • Power Distribution transformers

  • Step Up / Step Down transformers

  • Auto Transformers

  • Isolation Transformers

  • Control Transformers

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MV Switchgears & Ring Main Units


MV Switchgear solutions for utility and industry, covering highly demanding applications, such as oil and gas, Industrial and large scale commercial projects.


Air Insulated Switchgear Panels are equipped with horizontal draw out, horizontal isolation type switchgear device VCB.
Ring Main units characterized by their reliability and operational safety, are SF6 insulated. This ring main unit range includes fully extensible and non-extensible options for secondary distribution applications


Range of Ring Main Units (RMUs) are all suitable for both indoor & outdoor locations and are designed to operate in the most extreme environmental conditions. Both oil & gas insulated ring main units are the result of extensive innovation, using advanced technologies and are subjected to extensive testing and safety standards. 

We offer flexible, end-to-end solutions from initial specification, engineering, build, contract / project management, through to delivery to site. We provide expert guidance on sales and tendering and an extensive range of products to suit all applications.

Low Voltage Switchgears & Distribution Panels


  • Main Air Circuit Breaker Panels

  • Main & Sub Main Distribution Boards

  • Metering Panels

  • Motor Control Centers

  • Lighting & Power Distribution Boards

  • Busbar Chambers

  • PLC & Relay Panels

  • VFD and Pump Control Panels

  • Capacitor Panels

  • Synchronising Panels

  • Mini Distribution & Feeder Pillars

  • Junction Boxes & Terminal Boxes


ACB Panels

  • This type of product is manufactured using quality metal material and is in line with the international quality standards. Can be customized in various technical specifications, our ACB Panels are used in different offices and commercial buildings. Further, these panels are available at reasonable price for our esteemed customers.

  • These ACB panels are manufactured with the help of our expert team who holds huge expertise in this domain. During the operation, these ACB Panels will receive the power from EB or Generator and give the output to the load through the power centre.

Low Voltage Busduct Systems



Multi-B Sdn Bhd manufactures Translite low voltage power distribution system, designed for high rise buildings, Commercial and Office Complexes, Hotels, Hospitals, Airport Terminals, Military Installations and other High-Security Facilities.

Translite MF Busduct system comprises a compatible line of feeder and plug-in busducts and accessories. Translite MF Busduct is available in standard 3-meter length with ratings of 600A to 6000A.


Building on a solid foundation of advanced products, Lectro Bar is recognized with quality and consistent performance.

Lectro Bar delivers impressive features and benefits that make it ideal for many types of industrial, commercial and residential applications. Lectro Sandwich Busduct (LSB) gives you all the qualities you need in a high-performance Busduct system. LSB is a non ventilated design available from 300A up to 6400A.

LSB is the most versatile, compact Busduct design and it installs with minimum hardware and often costs less than cable and conduit installations.

Low Voltage Busduct Systems
Low Voltage Switchgears Distribution Panels
Mineral Oil
Siliquid Liquid
Cast Resin
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