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The light-emitting diode (LED) is one of today's most energy-efficient and rapidly developing lighting technologies. Quality LEDs last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting. The directional nature of LEDs makes it most suitable to use most part of the light emitted by it, which in turn helps to develop more energy efficient lighting products.  The lighting technologies based on LED is developing each day and has the potential to fundamentally change the future of lighting.

LED lighting is currently available in a wide variety of home, commercial, industrial and outdoor road products, and the list is growing every year. The rapid development of LED technology leads to more products and improved manufacturing efficiency, which also results in lower prices.


Lighting Poles

A lighting pole is used to illuminate the streets, roads, pathways, area etc. We have wide variety of poles such as Octagonal Poles, Round Stepped Tapered Poles, Conical Poles, High Masts, Aluminum poles, Decorative Poles and Smart Poles.


Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Modern society requires outdoor lighting for a variety of needs like road lighting, parking area lighting, façade lighting, landscape lighting etc. Most people are familiar with incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs or LED for indoor lighting. But outdoor lighting usually makes use of different sources of light. Common light sources include high-pressure sodium (“HPS”), metal halide (“MH”) and light emitting diodes (“LEDs”).


HPS is commonly used for street lighting applications. Although it emits a yellow-colored light, it is used mostly due to its high light efficacy compared to other HID lamps. 


In areas where it is necessary to use white light, two common choices are metal halide and LEDs. Now a day’s metal halide lamps are rarely used due to it’s low efficacy. One of the advantages of LED lighting is that it can be dimmed. Thus, instead of always lighting an empty street or parking lot at full brightness, LEDs can be turned down or even off when they are not needed and then brought back to full brightness, as necessary. This feature both saves on energy and reduces light pollution during the night. Because of their reported long life and energy efficiency, LEDs are rapidly coming into widespread use, replacing the existing lighting in many cities.

The outdoor lighting includes: 

  • LED/Conventional Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

  • Street/Road Luminaires

  • Tunnel/Under Bridge Luminaires

  • Outdoor Landscape Luminaires

  • Open Parking area lights

  • Façade Lighting







Indoor Lighting Fixtures

Indoor lighting is usually accomplished using light fixtures, and is a key part of interior design. Modern or traditional, formal or casual, the well-furnished home/office often begins with stylish lighting. Interior lighting fixtures such as pendants and ceiling lights are available in a wide range of decorative designs that can help you personalize your space. When used best, lighting fixtures serve as a stylistic exclamation point in our living space.

  • Wall Mounted & Decorative Luminaires

  • Surface mounted, Recessed, Ceiling Luminaires

  • Surface Mounted Circular Luminaires

  • Bulkhead Luminaires

  • Down Lights & Spot Lights

  • Pendant Luminaires

  • Hospital Lighting

  • Industrial Lighting

  • All other kind of Indoor Luminaires

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Hazardous Area Lighting

Hazardous areas where the explosion risk is high exists in almost every process engineering plant. Strict rules apply to mitigate these risks and electrical luminaires is a vital part of the risk management. The use of explosion-proof (Ex) luminaires are mandatory in these areas and their classifications are based on zones according to their hazard potential.

Hazardous areas are explosive atmospheres created by gases, vapors and ignitable dusts or fibers. Typically they are present in installations as oil/gas rigs, processing refineries, chemical production facilities, flammable liquids storage facilities, fuel transportation, petrol stations, paint production, paper production etc.

For hazardous areas, it is important that the lighting product is designed for use in the actual area, and that operation and maintenance is according to the requirements.

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Solar Lighting

A solar light is a lighting system composed of an LED lamp, solar panels, battery, and charge controller and there may also be an inverter. The lamp operates on electricity from batteries, charged through the use of solar photovoltaic panel.

Solar lamps can be easier for customers to install and maintain as they do not require an electricity cable. Solar lamps can benefit owners with reduced maintenance cost and costs of electricity bills. Solar lamps can also be used in areas where there is no electrical grid or remote areas that lack a reliable electricity supply.

LED is usually used as lighting source of modern solar street light, as the LED will provide much higher Lumens with lower energy consumption. The energy consumption of LED fixture is at least 50% lower than HPS fixture which is widely used as lighting source in Traditional street lights. LEDs lack of warm up time also allows for use of motion detectors for additional efficiency gains.

Strong Poles are necessary to all street lights, especially to solar street lights as there are often components mounted on the top of the pole: fixtures, panels and sometimes batteries. However, in some newer designs, the PV panels and all electronics are integrated in the pole itself. Wind resistance is also a factor.

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Obstruction Lighting 

Aircraft warning lights / Obstruction lights are high-intensity lighting devices attached to tall structures as collision avoidance measures. Such devices make structures more visible to aircraft, and are usually used at night, although they may be used during the day. These lights need to be of sufficient brightness to be visible for miles around the structure. It is available in low , medium or high intensity versions based on the height of the structure. It should follow ICAO / FAA regulations to ensure the relevant safety measures. 



Spinella is Tungsram’s single and multiple module roadway fixture. From residential streets to highways, Spinella fixture is changing the way you light your roads. Developed and produced in Europe. Wattage ranges from  55W to 227W covering all ranges of conventional street/ road lights.


ALIx LED outdoor luminaire delivers outstanding features, style and attractive form factor. This latest design offers excellent efficacy even at higher lumen outputs to meet a wide range of area lighting needs. Using reflective optic technology, the luminaire offers superior horizontal and vertical illuminance with high uniformity, while minimizing glare. Wattage ranges from 31W to 140W.


SMIx offers an optimal solution for street lighting. Taking advantage of Tungsram’s proprietary modular refractive optic system, a wide range of light distributions can be achieved. The optimized mechanical design provides simple installation, adjustability and reliability. Wattage ranges from 35W to 160W covering all the requirements of Road lighting.


TLBt & TMBt are specially designed for tunnel lighting and available in a wide range, for low and high-speed tunnels, underpasses and other applications. The products provide easy and fast installation and maintenance to save time and cost. Our tunnel lighting solution can improve visibility for drivers with better light quality, and as a result, they can react faster to emergencies and other situations in tunnels.


This new IP66 rated LED fixture range offers an exceptional mixture of value and performance for High Bay applications requiring high water and impact resistance. This brand new Tungsram developed range has been upgraded to reach extremely high efficacy up to 182 lm/W with lumen packages from 10,000 to 30,000 lumens

Integrated Mariner Premium

This fixture has an attractive, neutral aesthetics that makes it suitable for applications in commercial, residential and industrial environments. It is an energy-efficient, low maintenance alternative to traditional fluorescent waterproof fixtures.


Tungsram introduces the IP44 LED Diffuser Downlighters. There are a selection of sizes and color temperature options to meet customer requirements. With this new range, lighting can be upgraded in key segments such as offices, commercial buildings, retail back of house areas and hospitality.

Edgelit Premium Panel lights

Tungsram LED luminaires transform ambient lighting into an exquisite balance of refined appearance and superior efficiency. When illuminated, the panels deliver exceptional uniform light to the space and while off they appear completely free of a visible light source. Designed to replace fluorescent fixtures in suspended T grid ceilings.


Water and dustproof industrial light fitting with LED modules characterized by UV resistant polycarbonate diffuser and housing as well as stainless steel clamps. Most suitable for industries, factories, warehouses, substations etc. Also available in emergency version. Completely developed in EU.


Explosion proof light fitting with LED modules. Designed to use in zones 1,21 & 2,22 of gas and steam of flammables liquids, as well as combustible dusts and fibers explosion hazard areas. Light fitting with ATEX certificate. Housing made of GRP. PMMA or PC diffuser. Available in emergency version. Completely developed in EU


 Explosion proof panel light fitting with LED modules. Designed to use in zones 21 and 2,22 of gas and steam of flammables liquids, as well as combustible dusts and fibers explosion hazard areas. Available also in A3 emergency version


Waterproof light fitting with LED module. Housing is made of stainless steel, diffuser out of polycarbonate. Special screw prevents unauthorized access. Most suitable for vandal proof applications like prison, penitentiaries etc. They are characterized by high impact resistance (IK rating).


Vandal proof light fitting with LED modules characterized with high impact resistance factor (IK10+). Housing made of stainless steel; diffuser made of thick polycarbonate. Special lock prevents unauthorized access. Most suitable for underpasses, railway platforms etc.

here comes the light

Eslim UGR<19 Panel

Eslim UGR<19 is an indoor screen Panel lighting system, with LED technology, thanks to control glare is suitable for offices, reading areas, sanitary rooms, etc. The glare is reducing due to the usage of micro prismatic diffuser which also gives a glare-free and uniform distribution of light and high visual comfort. IP44 rated.

Aircom SMD


Aircom is an indoor downlight system lighting, with LED technology, it is ideal for commercial and domestic spaces. Equipped with an innovative PMMA optics which provides a uniform illumination over the entire surface and a high-performance lighting. To install on all types of removable roofs, technical ceilings, plaster and plasterboard. It is available in different sizes and wattages. IP44 rated. 

Loop Downlights 


LOOP series downlights are known for its high visual comfort; UGR<17 Perfect lighting for spaces where constant light is required, such as offices, educational centers, hotels, commercial spaces, concessionaires, etc. Available from 9 W to 31W.

Mite Adjustable


Mitel is a recessed adjustable spotlight that incorporates the latest LED technology and is mainly used for indoor spaces. With an elegant design, the MITEL luminaire allows a perfect focus, thanks to its oscillating body, able to adapt to any space to be illuminated both inside and outside with a degree of IP65 water tightness

Aliket Continous Line

Aliket is a continuous line lighting system, with LED technology, being specially indicated for the illumination of any commercial space including supermarkets , hypermarkets etc. Versatile luminaire mounted with LED technology Osram Duris E5 for installations at medium altitude and Oslon SSL for high altitudes together with their performance and different systems of distribution of the light beam, control systems and emergency kits, resulting in a luminaire perfectly adaptable to any kind of surface.


 Kipo / Dala is an outdoor lighting system, with LED technology, for ceiling or wall installation, being its main use for porch, corridors, hallways, etc. It is available in IP44/IP65 version in 15 /20 W.

Berna Eco/Supra

Berna waterproof IP65 fittings is an indoor illumination lighting system, with LED technology. It is ideal for lighting up open spaces, Industries, parking lot, substation rooms, warehouse, workshops etc. Available in different wattages and lengths that suits your requirement.

Konak LED Highbay

 Konak is an industrial high bay with LED technology, to illuminate industrial spaces, warehouses etc thanks to its high performance. It has incredibly good luminous efficiency because of its transparent polycarbonate closing, the body made in aluminum injection and the quality of the electronic components. Available up to 250W in different lumen packages and optics including floodlighting and emergency pack also available up to 9W for 3 hrs.

Protek Q2 Floodlight

Protek Q2 is an industrial floodlight with LED technology. It is ideal for industrial, commercial or vial spaces, among others. Thanks to its elegant line and compact dimensions, it is perfectly integrated into any space in commercial applications, indoor, outdoor, sport facilities, and industrial applications. Available up to 200W in different optics and CCT.

Ecodut K2 LED Streetlight

Ecodut K2 is an outdoor street illumination system, with an innovative design, with low light pollution to protect the quality of the night sky, E1 category. Easy installation without opening the fixture and less maintenance due to its robustness; includes individual protection for each LED. Elegant design optimized to facilitate the dissipate temperature making it suitable for outdoor streetlighting applications. Available up to 200W

Bistro Up / Downlight

Bistro is an outdoor up-down light, with LED technology; lighting in both directions of the luminaire, being ideal for facades. IP65 rated.

Cambo Flexible Strip Surface IP20 – IP65 RGB

Cambo is a flexible LED strip, ideal for indirect or decorative lighting. Thanks to their flexibility, they are amazingly easy to install anywhere.

LED Downlights &


A wide variety of SMD and COB downlights , gimbals and spotlights avaibale suitable for commercial and residential applications. It uses high quality LED chips and drivers.

LED Linear Suspended Lights

 Suitable for supermarkets, hypermarkets etc. Available in different lengths and wattages.

LED Bulkhead / Wall Lights

Available in different designs , suitable for outdoor / indoor façade applications.

LED Panel Lights

Available in different wattages and sizes. Most suitable for commercial and office applications. Different CCTs including tunable while also applicable

IP 65 W/P Batten

Used in applications like store , warehouse , workshops, indoor parking lot etc.  Available in different lengths and wattages. Most common is 40W , 4 Ft light fitting.

LED Highbay

 It is suitable for warhouse and alike applications with high ceiling. It used reputed LED chips and LED drivers to give high quality product.

LED Floodlights

For Area lighting and alike applications floodlights are commonly used. A wide variety of floodlights are available using both SMD and COB technology.  Suitable for outdoor climatic conditions and is IP 65 rated.


A wide variety of SMD and COB downlights and spotlights avaibale suitable for commercial and residential applications. It uses high quality LED chips and drivers. Available in different sizes and wattages. Also available for IP rated applications for applications like wahrooms , toilets etc.

LED Wallpack

Most commonly used LED wall packs for lighting up an area near the walls, used for façade applications, pathways etc. It is available upto 90W in LED. Suitable for outdoor application with high ambient temperature and dusty atmosphetere. It used a tempered glass so that it will not go yellowish after some time.

LED Modular Floodlight 


Used for façade lighting applications. It is availble in different legths according to the project requirements and optics to suit the application. Wattage ranges from 30W TO 400W.

Bollard Lights

Ligman is famous for their variety of bollards for landscape lighting. They use LM6 aluminium body for 90% of their bollard. High quality LED chips and drivers from reputed brands in the world makes them more efficient; energy saving wise and economic wise. Most suitable for pathways, parks and other landscape areas.

In-Ground Lights

In-ground lights are one of the unavoidable item landscape and façade lighting. Ligman possesses a wide variety of economical in-ground products which are of high quality. Brass or die-cast Aluminum body in-grounds are most commonly used where there is a continuous water content. All in-ground are provided with HDPE recessing box so that water will not eat the luminaire body.

Linear Recessed Lights

Mostly used for wall washing purpose in façade lighting applications. It is made of die-cast Al body and SS trim. It is provided with HDPE recessing box to suit the critical applications. Available in different lengths.

Outdoor Façade Luminaires

A wide range of outdoor facades are available with LIGMAN. Die-cast aluminium housing and frame pre-treated before powder coating ensuring high corrosion resistance, making it suitable for sea-side applications. Different optics are available including streetlight optics with different CCTs. Dimmable versions also available. Price is more economical than any other products in the same range.

Post Top Luminaires

Smart ambient post top lighting is available. Fashionable urban post top delivering controlled ambient area lighting. Most suitable for parks, outdoor parking lots and alike applications. They are available with different pole heights to suit your application.


OMS Lighting is a Slovakian manufacturer providing solutions for indoor , outdoor and architectural lighting. They have a wide variety of products from top to bottom. All the products are of good quality at economical prices.

Cortem’s wide range of lighting products for areas at risk of explosion is made up of lighting fixtures and floodlights suitable for all applications, such as lighting fixtures for tank inspection, safety warnings and escape routes lighting fixtures and hand‐held lamps. Cortem solutions offer a wide selection of lamps (fluorescent, discharge and LEDs), materials (aluminum alloy, stainless steel, polyester resin, plastics) and explosion‐proof methods of protection.

BOLUCE ILLUMINAZIONE® is an Italian company that produces luminaires for exterior and interior lighting. Its products are designed for all the world’s markets. The luminaires design, modern and essential, suits perfectly to classic and contemporary architectures giving decorators and architects effective alternatives of furnishing. The production is strictly MADE IN ITALY and is made with Italian raw materials and components. Boluce have a wide variety of products that are suitable for landscape lighting applications.

National lighting company is a GCC manufacture of light fittings based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They manufacture both conventional and LED type fixtures mostly indoor and outdoor light fittings.

Lamps and Accessories 

We sells a wide variety of lamps and accessories which includes CFL, HID and LED lamps, starters, ballasts , LED drivers etc.  sourced from major pioneers in this field.



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